Special Modifications


The shorter the shank the less vibration and greater accuracy.

The COOL-TIP Carbide tipped Drill for CAST IRON is a shortanable drill of long life and small price. To shorten the vibration damping alloy steel shank, cut it off with an ordinary shop hacksaw. It is easy to do and pays big dividends. The shorter the drill the longer you can expect the drill to cut. Rule of Thumb- cut the length in half and make four times more holes per sharpening. COOL-TIPS are the only easily shortened drill with a carbide cutting edge. Why pay for a twist drill and extra length which reduces life? A high temperature brazed COOL-TIP will out perform all others AND cost less! Do not use in steel, thermal plastics, or drill bushings. Since 1962 thousands of my customers have been saving REAL DOLLARS using this drill. Why don't you get some today and join the satisfied COOL-TIP group?

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Last Update April 30, 2002