Application Information

Solid Carbide

For deep hole drilling with good chip lifting qualities in exotic metals, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys under 50 Rc and for all types of abrasive plastics including fiberglass.

You will succeed with these drills because the design is rigid and the size and surface finish is double inspected - and triple inspect the cutting edge geometry. The outside diameter, surface finish, and concentricity of the cutting edge are critical to achieve quality performance. A smooth surface eases the possibility of binding. To insure that you get the finest possible performance each tool you receive has an additional inspection sequence during packaging. Equal attention must be given to these tools when regrinding. Carbide twist drills vs. High Speed Steel twist drills have relatively low twisting strength. Carbide tipped drills are for very deep (multiple diameter) holes where chip removal is difficult.

Carbide Tipped

WORK HORSE™ heavy duty carbide tipped drills are designed to drill cast iron, bronze, aluminum, and other hard non-ferrous materials which have a high degree of abrasiveness and which require a sturdy drill design. The carbide tips are high temperature brazed to hardened high speed steel bodies which provides for greater heat resistance and sturdiness. The heavy web construction supports the cutting edge even under extreme conditions. The drills are honed to a 118 deg. included angle. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN SOFT STEEL.


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Last Update December 7, 2011