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Drilling in Metals:

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Important information

Warning for Cemented Carbide Products:

All ICC carbide grades

  1. The above grades contain Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt, with some grades containing one or more of the following substances:
  2. Tantalum Carbide, Chromium Carbide or Chromium.
  3. Read Material Safety Data Sheet Before Grinding Product!
  4. WARNING: Grinding of this product will produce dust of potentially hazardous ingredients.
  5. Dust from grinding this product can cause nose, throat, skin and eye irritation and temporary or permanent respiratory disease in a small percentage of exposed individuals. Permanent respiratory disease can lead to disability or death. Coolant mist from wet grinding may contain dust.
  6. Avoid breathing dust or mist.
  7. Avoid prolonged skin contact with dust or mist.
  8. Use adequate ventilation when grinding.
  9. Maintain dust level below OSHA or ACGIH levels.
  10. Use protective devices.
  11. Wash hands thoroughly after handling, before eating or smoking.
  12. Dispose of materials according to local, state and/or federal regulations.