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This Covers tools purchased from us and owned by a Canadian Customer.

  1. 1. Canadian Customers must show on all documents the following to avoid ICC having to pay a customs fee incoming from Canada.
  2. The unified code number 9801-001025. This code number is for items made in this country, USA, and being returned for repair or refurbishing where the tool does not increase in value and will be returned to Canada after work is performed on it. The paperwork must say, " Being Returned To International Carbide Corp. in USA for repair under warranty and to be returned to Canada".
  3. 2. When we ship Canadian goods back to our Canadian customers we have to put the number 98200000 if the goods were returned under warranty. This option is to be used only if no charge is made to our Canadian customers for work performed. ICC paper work must clearly state that these goods were repair under warranty and that there in no charge for the work performed. Transportation charges can be billed.
  4. 3. When ICC ships Canadian goods back to our Canadian customers but have resharpened, reground, replaced or other wise added some charge to the tools, we have to put the number 820750 and indicate on the original documentation that these goods have a value of $XX and have a value of $YY for work performed upon the returned goods. This must be clearly stated or the Canadian Customer will have pay for the total value of the tools not just the rework charge.
  5. 4. All ICC shipments will have the full declared value listed in case the goods are lost and an insurance claim has to be entered.


US Customs: Seattle 1-206-553-1554

CN Customs Vancouver 1-604-666-0545