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Brad-Point drill profile




What is this cutting tool geometry designed to efficiently cut?

This cutting geometry efficiently cuts Glass and Carbon reinforced Thermoset Plastic composites. In addition it has been found to be very effective cutting Kevlar, Spetra, and similar organic reinforced composites with Better Quality than can be achieved with conventional drills.

Control of the Chip

The reason the International Carbide Corp. Brad-Point™ geometry works better than any other in mineral and organic re-inforced thermoset and thermoplastic plastics is the superior control of the chip produced while making a hole. If the direction of cutting forces are correct the cutting action will produce the best hole. The hole will have the correct size. It will be relatively burr or fuzz free, and without delamination on entry or exit.

Why is this important?

Your products must have the phyisical ability to perform the designed task and perform better than the end user's perception of what is excellant appearance. The cosmetic blemish caused by improper hole formation can be a serious deterant to repeat purchasing. And this same blemish can be a reflection upon the end users concept as to the inherant quality of the rest of the product and therefore its expected performance and acceptability.

Good looking product means Better Product means repeat buyers!

Quality is not a Given

The overal impression of a product's quality can be related to the initial impression of the fastener holes. With an INTERNATIONAL CARBIDE CORP. designed BRAD-POINT™ you can expect a clean on size hole which makes your product outstanding for your customers. .

International Carbide Corp. has developed the BRAD POINT™ for PLASTICS and a large number of other special purpose specialty tools to help youbetter perform your manufacturing operations.

International Carbide Corp. has a World Wide reputation as the company who understands the hole making process and has designed and can manufacture the best products for drilling fiber reinforced plastics. Whether you have a polyester mineral fiber reinforced thermoset plastic or a reinforced thermoplastic or an organic reinforced epoxy or other exotic material, ICC has tools to help you "Successfully Make Your Product".


Carbide Tipped

Stub Length
Jobber Length
Taper Length
Taper Shank
12" Extended Length

Solid Carbide

Stub Length
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