WORK HORSE™ heavy duty Carbide Tipped drills are designed to drill cast iron, bronze, hard copper, aluminum, and other hard non-ferrous materials which have a high degree of abrasiveness and which require a sturdy drill design. The cabide tips are high temperature brazed to hardened high speed steel bodies which provides for greater heat resistance and sturdiness. The heavy web construction supports the cutting edge even under extreme conditions. The drills are honed to a 118deg. included angle. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN SOFT STEEL.

Drill Size Tables

Carbide Tipped
Fractional Size Jobber Length
Fractional Size Stub Length
Fractional Size Tapered Shank
Letter Sizes
Metric Sizes Jobber Length
Wire Gauge Sizes

Solid Carbide
Fractional Sizes
Letter Sizes
Wire Gauge Sizes

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Last Update November 25, 2011