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Welcome to International Carbide Corporation


"Space Age Tooling for Science and Industry"


Our Mission

To design and build tools which provide our customers with increased capability to "Successfully Manufacture" their product with Better Quality and less cost.

Hole Making at Acceptable Cost

The art and science of making holes goes back over several thousand years. The making and finishing of holes is a mature technical mechancal capability that is also one of the least understood operations in many manufacturing processes. Making and finishing holes usually is the most expensive manufacturing operation performed. It has been estimated that 90% of the cost of any product, car, truck, tractor, or plow is the making and finishing of its holes. Few products are made without holes in them. Successful manufacturing is possible only when satisfactory quality holes can be made at a cost per hole that is reasonable. As a leading designer and manufacturer of effective end cutting tools, ICC has focused on how a chip is produced and how a piece of material can be made to come a part more efficiently. ICC provides tools that do not have to look like a drill but have to cut the material of a piece part so that the end result is able to satisfy all of the design, mechanical, cosmetic, and aesthetic requirements that make up a "Successful Product".

What have we done for our Customers?

Driven by our uncompromising commitment to help manufacturers "Successfully Make Their Products", our customers are able to have cutting tools designed to achieve specific performance targets with reasonable use of existing equipment and resources without the commonly expensive extras which increase costs and do not contribute to the "Successful Manufacturing of Products".


Since 1950 International Carbide Corp. has been designing and manufacturing rotary carbide cutting tools which enable and enhance the manufacturing capability of our customers so they can produce their products with the finest quality holes possible in fiber re-enforced plastics and hard steel at reasonable costs. Our goal is to help our customers "Successfully" make their "Product" as economically and effectively as possible.

International Carbide Corp. has developed the HOLE-O-MAGIC™, WONDER DRILL™, COOL-TIP™ for PLASTICS, BRAD POINT™ for PLASTICS, GLASS-CUT™, FISH-TAIL™ for PLASTICS, WORK HORSE™ for CAST IRON, WONDER ROUTER™, SOLID CARBIDE SQUARE DIE DRILL™, and a large number of other special purpose specialty tools.

International Carbide Corp. has a world wide reputation as the company who understands the hole making process and has designed and can manufacture the best products for drilling fiber reinforced plastics and hard steel. Whether you have a polyester mineral fiber reinforced thermoset plastic or a reinforced thermoplastic or an organic reinforced epoxy or other exotic material, ICC has tools to help you "Successfully Make Your Product".